Sunday, 13 March 2011

Babies, Puppies and Daffodils...

Wow, what a month!

Ok so I knew one of my friends was pregnant... Very Pregnant... I will admit I forgot! When we got the call to say the baby had arrived I panicked... I hadnt got a card ready! So I have thrown a couple together but want please with them... then I decided to go see my aunty, she always has lovely cards. So beween us we creasted an Iris folded card of a balloon and a stork sailing past. Looks pretty cool and Im hoping that the intended loves it! Card is shown below!

Ok so onto Puppies. And fully grown dogs. As you may or may not know, My dog Bailey gives blood. The Pet Blood Bank are on the look out for more donors all the time. So if you think you can help out and have a dog that has a nice calm temperament, Weighs more than 25kg, and is under 8 years old... Get in touch with them and see where your dog can donate! They are on Facebook and the web.

More Fully grown dogs. If you are thinking of taking on a new dog, please consider a rescue animal. They are often overlooked when they get a little older, but what people often dont realise is that they have so much love to give. They just need the chance to shine. I can highly recommend the team of fosterers for The Little Dog Rescue. They take in dogs to their own homes and give them the stability that they so often need. They too can be found on the web and have an extensive forum where you can track the available dogs progress, see the stories of permanent residents and maybe even find the new pawprints in your heart.

Daffodils... Ours have started coming out and witht hat, the weather has been lovely today!

Mosaic at Toton will be holding a Ladies night on the 9th April... 7:30pm til 10pm. I dont think they ahve a stripper booked, but if you know of any volunteers they will be very welcomed!

Mosaic's next Craft fair will be the 16th and 17th of April. Come along and see us and have a go at making your very own cards!

See you all soon!

Lyndsay x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Tiring weekend...

Hey all, sorry im late, i had a busy weekend and the dog ate my shoes.

Well he didnt actually but he is part of the tired reason!

This weekend I have taken part in the Mosaic Craft weekend. Their first. The weather didnt help.

Not only that but my husband and I have also taken the adorabubble Bailey to the vets. He is a blood donor and gives blood every few months to help othe rdogs live. This was his fifth donation and we hope that he will be able to continue!

So the craft weekend. I spent most of my day making cards. Im so glad I took lots of stuff to do with me because I have to admit, despite there being lots of lovely people, i was craving a radio, or a bit of white noise in the background. It was very odd not having there and I found myself talking aout nothing just to drown out the lack of noise!

Im not that good at blogging I will readily admit. But If you bear with me and let me know what you would like to see me turn my hand too then I will try my hardest to accomadate you all.

Lotssa Love till the next time!


Monday, 4 October 2010

Tales of a Crafty Crafter...

Welcome to the first of what we hope to be many blog posts.

This past few weeks has been a bit of trial, what with my sewing machine blowing up and all!

I have started making coats for dogs. These are currently being trialled by the rescue dogs from The Little Dog Rescue, but if they turn out alright then i will be puting some on the site for sale :)

Anyhow, Thanks for finding us and we hope to see you sooon!